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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy 17 months!

I would like to wish a very happy 17 month birthday to the G litter. Well actually they will be 17 months tomorrow, but tomorrow is a very busy day. As of today all the littermates are in formal training!

So let's recap on these beautiful babies:


Gabrina was recently dropped from her breeder evaluation. She had a cough with collar pressure. It sounds like it wasn't too serious and shouldn't effect her training. So good luck in formal training Bina I know you can do it!


Gardner has been in training for 3 months now. He had a slow start and was in phase 1 for over a month. But now he is in phase 8. I know your family really wants you back home, but you would also make an awesome guide! Good luck in whatever you choose to do!


I only got to meet you once, but you are beautiful! You look and act so much like Gardner. It's amazing. Garth is hanging out in phase 7. Almost there!


You are so much like Gabrina it's amazing! Not only do you look exactly like her, you act like her too. And man do you shed like her! You are in phase 8 last week and I'm sure you are doing awesome!


You had a rough start to life. You were supposed to be raised in Utah but were a bit of a handful so you got transfered to Colorado. I know your raiser worked very hard with you! You went back for formal training today, so I wish you luck!

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Emily and the Labradors said...

I gave Gilly a good luck kiss today! I think she is going to do great in training... she had a really amazing raiser!