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Friday, August 14, 2009


That's right, I finally got news on Gabrina!

Here is the email I got from my leader today. I don't feel like rewriting it...
During the meeting Wed we heard from Barb (our CFR) that
Gabrina and Leola are in the final stage of breeder evaluation.
It is not yet a "done deal". The testing will take a week or two.
We'll hear for sure if they become breeders.

Congratulations to Gabrina and Leola's raisers. Job well done.
To be chosen as a breeder is considered a higher
prestige than simply being a

We will not know if they are going to be a one-time
breeder then become a guide
or not (yet)
That is often determined after the 1st liter.

That's all I know for now, but I'm happy to hear something!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Still not training

I just got the phase report (they sent it out early because CA Funday is Saturday) and there is still no Gabrina. At least two other dogs that went back with her for breeder evaluation and training were on the phase report this week. Now I'm really thinking that she is going to be a breeder. I have some mixed feelings about this. I know that being a breeder is a big honor. It means that more or less they think she is the "perfect" dog. She is going to make a huge impact in many peoples' lives with her babies. They will grow up to be potential Guide Dogs. Her puppies will improve the lives of their puppy raisers, their trainers, and their eventual care takers. Gabrina will make a bigger impact on peoples' lives than most Guide Dogs will. But I can't bring myself to be excited for her. I honestly don't think she will be happy as a pet dog. She likes to work too much. It's going to be disappointing for her to have to stay home all the time. Her keepers are going to have to take her to a lot of "dog accepting" places. And maybe even get her certified as a therapy dog. Now don't get me wrong, I think she'll make a great pet and mom, but I just always pictured her as a guide not a breeder. The best part about her being a breeder would be raising her puppies! I am determined, even if it means overlapping puppies, to raise one of her babies. I know that Gabrina puppies would be adorable and very well behaved just like their momma! And I would get to submit names..something I have always wanted to do!

But she hasn't officially been least I haven't been notified. So there is still hope that she will be a guide!

On a different note...two dogs from my club are graduating soon! The disappointing part is that neither will be at a graduation ceremony. Ezra is doing home training and Dusty's partner is leaving a week before graduation. I am still very excited for them! They are both excellent dogs that will make great guides!
Also, Gabrina's brothers, Gardner, Garth, and Gilligan, are still in phase one. They have been there for a month and the other dogs that went with them are in phases 5 or 6. Any ideas as to why they are still there?

Gabrina as a baby! I think she is the one in the middle...the white one. This is what her adorable babies would look like!

Gabrina's last picture at home. This is what they would look like when they are all grown up!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you so much Erin for commenting to tell me that Gabrina is safe and sound. I'm so happy to hear anything at all about her. Erin said she saw Gabrina during her internship and said that she has spunk. Hope that's a good thing. I love and miss my little girl!

It's going to feel weird going to school without her. And I'm really dreading having to tell everyone that I don't have her anymore. I'm going to miss her when I want to go get some fresh air. She was a good excuse for taking a little walk outside because she "needed to go potty".

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Gabrina Gone?

Well it's been almost a month since the bittersweet day that Gabrina left and I still haven't heard anything about her. With the new breeder watch program the dogs go straight to breeder evaluation instead of entering training. With this system the dogs don't get put on the phase report until they get spayed/neutered and enter training. Ultimately the puppy raiser doesn't hear anything about their puppy until they are chosen as a breeder or enter training.
I have mixed feelings about this. When I first heard of them doing the breeder evaluation before training I thought it was a great idea. There is no sense starting guide work with a dog that is going to become a breeder. But now I'm not so sure about it. I don't like that I haven't heard anything about my puppy. Everyone with a dog that went straight into training gets to find out right away that their puppy made it safe and sound. But I haven't heard a thing. For all I know Gabrina fell off the truck and never made it to California. I know this can't be true but it's just how I feel.
I think that they should have a section of the phase report that is dogs under breeder evaluation. Just so us puppy raisers know what is happeneing with our potential breeder dogs. Or they could send you a letter saying that your puppy has arrived and is being evaluated as a breeder. This wouldn't take them long and it would put us at ease. At least it would me.
Am I the only one unhappy with not knowing where my puppy is?

I leave you with pictures from the puppy truck...