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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gabrina goes to school

I was looking over my blog and realized that I never posted the pictures of Gabrina at school.

One day during study hall my friend and I walked around the school and took pictures of Gabrina.
I promise no puppies were harmed in the taking of these pictures:

There you have it. Everyone at school loved her!


Lauren and Don said...

Cute photos! As teen raiser, I'm hoping to take my GDB puppy in training to school with me. Do you have any suggestions for approaching the school and teachers about this (or any other tips)? Thanks!

Maddie, Gabrina (IFT), and Betsy (PIT) said...

Hey Lauren!
I started by taking Gabrina after school and talking to the principle. That way he could see that she was a puppy in training and that although she wasn't perfect, she was very well behaved. I also brought information on GDB just in case. Then I went either before school or after school and talked to each of my teachers. I made sure that I did it when it was convenient for them and I made sure my teachers knew that the principle was okay with it.
One of the things my principle required from me was that if something bad happened (i.e. some kid freaked out, Gabrina got too stressed, a teacher decided she was being to distracting, ect) I would have to have a plan. Luckily for me I live close enough to the school that I could just walk her home. When I talked to my teachers I explained to them that if something happened I had permission to leave class and take her home.
My advice for taking Don to school...
It is best not to let anyone pet him. As soon as you let one person pet him then everyone wants to.
Don't take him on days when you have a test.
Using a head collar is great for walking through the hallways. That way you can just hold the leash and not have to worry about giving corrections. When he gets used to the crowds, and knows not to sniff people, you can stop using it.
Ask your teachers if you can leave class a minute or two early so you can get to your other class before the hallways get too crowded.
If you have the option, don't eat in the cafeteria. There are always people that will want to feed Don and it gets annoying telling everyone no.
Make sure you bring a clean up kit and toys.
Watch Don for signs of stress.
Be ready for lots of stares and people asking (rudely) why you have a dog. And be ready to talk to a lot of people you have never talked to before.
Everyone is going to love having Don in class so have fun :]