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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Colorado Puppy Assignments

I have been anxiously waiting for the puppy assignments for the Colorado July puppies to be sent out. I am taking this puppy home in 9 days and would like to know something about this little guy/girl. We got an email yesterday saying that they had the original assignments but are now changing things. And I just found out that my leader is going out of town so I probably won't find out which puppy I'm getting until Tuesday. So I was wondering if any of you get the Colorado puppy assignments from your leader can you please tell me which puppies are coming to Larimer County?

Oh and I don't really need it, but does anyone want to forward me the phase report when it comes out?

Thanks so much!
Maddie and Gabrina


Sammy and Westin said...

I can't wait to "meet" him/her!

And I'm going to be in colorado from July 5-19!! Haha

Maddie and Gabrina said...

Really? Where at? Why are you coming over here?

Sammy and Westin said...

Fort Collins! I'm going to my aunt/uncle/cousin's house. Which part are you in?

Emily and the Labradors said...

I haven't heard anything about new pup assignments yet, but if I do I'll let you know! I'm feeling more and more sorry that I didn't apply for a new puppy... definitely makes the whole recall deal a bit easier to take! And I'll try and remember to send you the phase report, but it won't be until the evening assuming it comes tomorrow (didn't it come on friday last week or the week before?)

Maddie and Gabrina said...

Sammy-I live in Loveland, about 30 minutes south of Fort Collins! I hope you have a great trip!

Emily-Thank you so much for the phase report! I'm really happy I applied for a new puppy. My leader told me it was better to apply and say no than decide I want one last minute. Maybe it's not to late to apply for one? Especially since they are changing everything around anyways.

Anna said...

Our July truck got cancelled because no one applied for a puppy (I'm in Territory 1--WA)so that could be why assignments have changed