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Saturday, October 17, 2009

to come home or not to come home

No Gabrina isn't CC...

I have been thinking more about what will happen if Gabrina gets career changed. The original plan was that she would come home and live with me as the best pet ever! But now the more I think about it, she wouldn't be happy living here. She loves working and hates being home alone. With school and 4-H and all the other things I'm involved in, Gabrina would be kenneled most of the day. She really hates her kennel. She never really barked in there, but boy did she pout. And when she would come out she didn't want anything to do with me. She was mad. Also, if Gabrina came home it would basically put an end to my puppy raising days. I couldn't continue raising and have to say no to Gabrina's big begging eyes when I got out the puppy vest. She would hate me for "replacing" her with another puppy. At the puppy truck she growled when I was cuddling her and Besty tried to get my attention too. That is the only time she has ever growled meanly. She is a dog who wants all the attention. I wouldn't be able to put her through the pain of being "replaced".
So where does that leave Gabrina if she gets CC? My grandparents really want her. If she gets CC for a simple thing that they can deal with, she will probably go to live in Denver with them. It will be hard at first knowing that she is my baby and I can't have her, but it is what is best for her. She would have an awesome life with my grandparents. My grandma is a nurse so Gabrina could become a therapy dog and go to work everyday. And my grandparents love going on walks and hikes. She would be living the good life!

But let's just wait and see what she decides!

Maddie and Betsy


Emily and the Labradors said...

It sounds like Gabrina would have a very good life with your grandparents! But I bet she would also get used to life with you as a pet too, if that is what you decided you wanted. I'm sure it was hard on my new pets on some level to no get to go everywhere, but they have adjusted just fine.

You probably saw (or guessed since she was off the phase report) that Gilly was cc'd last week (for a temperament issue), which was really too bad. Her raiser worked so hard with her and she came so far! I am not sure where she will be going, but there is a possibility that she will be adopted by a local family and will come back on the next truck.

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

I have had very similar thoughts about Cabana if she is cc'ed. I also think Cabana would be sad to be home all the time and not get to work--but there are a lot of new experiences the dogs can have as pets, too. Like playing ball and going to dog parks. But do you feel that you absolutely have to kennel Gabrina as a pet? We don't crate Cabana anymore during the day. We just keep her confined to the kitchen and family room, because she never chews anything that she shouldn't and doesn't have accidents in the house. Just another thought!