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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Still not training

I just got the phase report (they sent it out early because CA Funday is Saturday) and there is still no Gabrina. At least two other dogs that went back with her for breeder evaluation and training were on the phase report this week. Now I'm really thinking that she is going to be a breeder. I have some mixed feelings about this. I know that being a breeder is a big honor. It means that more or less they think she is the "perfect" dog. She is going to make a huge impact in many peoples' lives with her babies. They will grow up to be potential Guide Dogs. Her puppies will improve the lives of their puppy raisers, their trainers, and their eventual care takers. Gabrina will make a bigger impact on peoples' lives than most Guide Dogs will. But I can't bring myself to be excited for her. I honestly don't think she will be happy as a pet dog. She likes to work too much. It's going to be disappointing for her to have to stay home all the time. Her keepers are going to have to take her to a lot of "dog accepting" places. And maybe even get her certified as a therapy dog. Now don't get me wrong, I think she'll make a great pet and mom, but I just always pictured her as a guide not a breeder. The best part about her being a breeder would be raising her puppies! I am determined, even if it means overlapping puppies, to raise one of her babies. I know that Gabrina puppies would be adorable and very well behaved just like their momma! And I would get to submit names..something I have always wanted to do!

But she hasn't officially been least I haven't been notified. So there is still hope that she will be a guide!

On a different note...two dogs from my club are graduating soon! The disappointing part is that neither will be at a graduation ceremony. Ezra is doing home training and Dusty's partner is leaving a week before graduation. I am still very excited for them! They are both excellent dogs that will make great guides!
Also, Gabrina's brothers, Gardner, Garth, and Gilligan, are still in phase one. They have been there for a month and the other dogs that went with them are in phases 5 or 6. Any ideas as to why they are still there?

Gabrina as a baby! I think she is the one in the middle...the white one. This is what her adorable babies would look like!

Gabrina's last picture at home. This is what they would look like when they are all grown up!


Elizabeth and Peyton said...

Don't worry about Gabrina being a breeder! Breeder keepers are carefully screened and they take the best care of their dogs. Almost all places gladly welcome the breeders in their blue bandana's. My breeder goes shopping, to the dentist, the movies, and pretty much everywhere. She works all the time, she rarely has a dull moment. I think breeding would suit Gabrina quite well. :)

Kim, Bethany and the girls.. said...

I often have felt the same way as you about breeders. However many times they do go to families that have raised puppies before so hopefully that would happen with her and in that case the people do take them out a lot. And it is also not too uncommon for them to have one litter and if the birth is hard be put back into guide dog training.

As for her siblings, I have a starter puppy I raised that is in training (Ogden) and he sat in phase one for a month before he started moving. We found out that because of the fast track training and the number of current dogs in training he was not even matched with an instructor until they had room for him. So while they are I'm sure getting lots of attention and love they probably just are not on a string yet. The other dogs that went in with him may be in the regular or fast track training.

I am thinking maybe they have space for fast trackers but have to wait awhile for a string to open up for regular track training. Hope that makes sense.


Emily and the Labradors said...

I wouldn't jump to conclusions yet, but who knows, maybe she will be a breeder! She would certainly have cute little babies! Douglas was the only one of the 6 CO/UT July recall intact dogs that I saw show up this week (you saw another, not sure who you are talking about? I thought I had kept track of all the dogs but maybe I missed one on my little spreadsheet.. yes, I have a spreadsheet ;) ), and he was the only boy of the 6. So I am thinking it is unlikely that all 5 of those girls are going to be breeders. It may just be that since they need so many more female breeders that they take a closer look at them, or it may be that they have to recover longer because of their more complicated spay surgery so they are just a week or 2 behind the boys with similar timing.

But what I do know, is that no matter what happens Gabrina will be loved and well cared for and will enjoy her life!

Oh, and I was wondering the same thing about all the pups who have been in phase 1 for 5 weeks! We have one in our club in that situation too!

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

I hope you'll find something out soon. Ugh, how nerve-wracking! I can just imagine myself in that position when Cabana gets recalled. I'd just want to know something, one way or the other!